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SC-4104 4in1 ASI QAM modulator(4 ASI IN,4 RF out)


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4in1 QAM Modulator


SC-4104 4IN1 ASI QAM Modulator has 4*ASI input and 4*QAM modulating carrier output. Each carrier has independent signal channel encoding and direct RF output. One set of 4in1 QAM modulator can work as 4 stand alone QAM modulators, which significantly reduces the network operators head-end cost. It suits 1U rack and can be configured by front panel LCD and NMS (network management software). Its high-integrated and cost-effective design makes it widely used in varieties of digital broadcasting distribution systems.


Main Feature

1. 4*ASI input
2. Symbol rate range: 1~7Mbaud/s
3. RF frequency range: 47~870MHz
4. RF output level: 85dBuV~105dBuV (1khz step)
5. LCD/Keyboard control by front panel and network management by Ethernet
Technical Specification
Network Management
1. Modulator
2. Edit NIT
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