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SC-3101 Stand alone scrambler(ASI in and ASI out)


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Stand alone scrambler


SC-3101 ASI/TS Stand Alone Scrambler can encrypt input TS stream, and the embedded control word generator can transmit constant or variable control word and scramble the input transport streams. In-built simulcrypt synchronous controller of the scrambler can send control word and access condition to exchange message with ECMG. The scrambler can control CP (crypto period) reasonably when working with CAS (conditional access system), which makes the decoder decrypt control word and descramble transport stream easily and properly.

Main Feature

1. 8 Mbytes caches, anti-burst stream
2. 64 programs can be scrambled, each program supports 32 elements
3. Support 4*CAS/SMS simulcrypt
4. Support PCR re-adjustment and correction
5. Support remote real-time transport stream monitoring
6. Package format supports 188/204 bytes
7. LCD/Keyboard control by front panel and network management by Ethernet
Technical Specification
Network Management
1. Scrambler


2. PID Passthrough



3. PID Filter



4. PID Monitor





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