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SC-2102 2-OUT Multiplexer(8 ASI IN,2-separate ASI OUT)


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2-OUT TS multiplexer 


SC-2102 multiplexer is a 2-separate ASI out TS (transport stream) remultiplexer for digital broadcasting TV system. It has 8*ASI input (input bit rate can reach up to 270Mbps), 2 pairs of ASI (A&B) output (output bit rate can reach up to 108 Mbps), and 1 Ethernet port for network controlling. It can also insert EPG (Electronic Program Guide), CA (Conditional Access), as well as data broadcasting to each output stream. Besides it suits 1U rack and can be operated by front panel LCD/Keyboard and controlled by NMS (Network Management Software).


Main Feature

1. Comply with ISO13818 and EN300468 standards
2. 2 separate ASI output (two different MPTS stream)
3. Support PSI edit
4. Support PCR correction and PID re-mapping
5. 8M bytes caches, anti-burst stream

6. LCD/Keyboard control by front panel and network management by Ethernet


Technical Specification


Network Management


1. Multiplex


2. Output Set


3. Edit NIT


4. Edit PSI


5. PID Passthrough


6. PID Filter


7. ASI Monitor


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