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SC-3102 Scrambler modulator(ASI in and DVB-C RF out)


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Scrambler modulator


SC-3102 DVB-C/QAM Scrambler Modulator supports 1*ASI input and 1*RF (DVB-C/QAM signal) output. It supports DVB standard scrambling (4*CAS/SMS simulcrypt), RS coding, convolution interleaving and QAM modulation channel processing and 16~256 QAM mode. It suits 1U rack and can be configured by front panel LCD and NMS (network management software). Its high-integrated and cost-effective design makes it widely used in varieties of digital broadcasting distribution systems.


Main Feature

1. 8 Mbytes caches, anti-burst stream
2. 64 programs can be scrambled, each program supports 32 elements
3. Support EPG data insertion and data filling function
4. Support PID filter and re-mapping
5. Support PSI/SI edit
6. Support NIT table inserts
7. Real-time transport stream monitoring
8. PCR correction
9. LCD/Keyboard control by front panel and network management by Ethernet
Technical Specification
Network Management
1. Modulator 


2. Scrambler




3. Edit NIT




4. PID Passthrough



5. PID Filter


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