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SC-3105 IP->ASI MUX Scrambler(64*IP in,4*ASI out)


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IP->ASI MUX Scrambler(64*IP in, 4*ASI out)


SC-3105 IP-to-ASI MUX-Scrambler is a cost effective and high-integrated IP multiplexer and scrambler, supporting 64*IP input and 4*ASI output. The input IP signal will be sent to signal processor after synchronized process, and the processor will be multiplexed and scrambled to output 4*ASI directly. It supports 4*CAS/SMS simulcrypt. It suits 1U rack and can be configured by front panel LCD and NMS (network management software). Its high-integrated and cost-effective design makes it widely used in varieties of digital broadcasting distribution systems.


Main Feature

1. 8M cache, anti-burst stream
2. PID filter and PID re-mapping
3. PSI/SI edit and NIT table inserts
4. Real time monitoring
5. PCR re-adjustment and correction
6. Package format supports 188/204
7. LCD/Keyboard control by front panel and network management by Ethernet
Technical Specification
Network Management
1. IP IN


2. Multiplxe


3. Ooutput Set


4. Scrambler


5. Edit NIT


6. PID Passthrough


7. Edit PSI


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