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SC-5115 DVB-S/S2 IRD (1*RF in and 2*AV(MPEG-2)+ASI out)


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SC-5115 DVB-S/S2 IRD has 1*DVB-S/S2 RF input. With advanced QPSK/8PSK modulation mode and MPEG-2 technique, it can receive and decode all digital satellite programs to output ASI TS stream and AV (MPEG-2) signal. It suits 1U rack and provides front panel keyboard operation. Its high-integrated and cost-effective design makes it widely used in varieties of digital broadcasting distribution systems.


Main Feature

1. Support DVB-S/S2 input
2. Support PAL/NTSC
3. Support stereo or dual-mono
4. Support ASI/TS/AV output
Technical Specification
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