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SC-4208 8IN1 DVB-T SD Encoder Modulator (8AV in, DVB-T RF out)


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8IN1 DVB-T SD Encoder Modulator

SD Encoder Modulator supports 8*CVBS and 8 pairs of unbalanced audio and IP input and 1*RF output. After coded and modulated, the input signal can be directly output or mixed output with original TV signal. It can be widely used in home entertainment, security and protection monitoring, hotel LCD panels, shopping mall advertising and other similar places.
1. Integrated encoder and modulator
2. 8CVBS+Audio and IP input
3. DVB-T RF out
4. RF Range: 30-960Mhz
5. Keyboard+LCD control and network management
Technical Specification
Network Management
1. Output
2. Video/Audio
3. Edit NIT
4. PID Passthrough
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