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SC-4116 DVB-T2 Modulator





                                    SC-4116 DVB-T2 Modulator





SC-4116 DVB-T2 Modulator complying with DVB-T2(EN302 755) standard, it supports 1*ASI+IP input and 1*DVB-T RF output, with its advanced modulating, this modulator can effectively make use of the ground spectrum resources and make it is possible to provide reliable signals for fixed, mobile and portable devices, which allows it to be widely used in setting up digital broadcasting network and suitable for HFC broadband digital MMDS system.

Main Feature
Comply with DVB-T2(EN302 755) standard
FFT: 1K,2K,4K,8K
Bandwidth: 5M,6M, 7M, 8M
MER: >=42db
Frequency Range: 36~900MHz, 1Khz step
Signal real-time monitor
LCD/Keyboard control by front panel and network management by Ethernet
Technical Specification



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