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SC-4246 4IN1 H264 Mpeg4 HD Encoder DVB-T Modulator/Multi Channel HDMI to RF Converter For DVB Headend,Hotel HDTV,/Cable Digital TV



                                  SC-4246 4IN1 DVB-T HD Encoder Modulator


4IN1 HD Encoder DVB-T Modulator supports 4*HDMI input and 1*RF (DVB-T) output. After coded and modulated, the input signal can be directly output or mixed output with original TV signal. It suits 1U rack and can be configured by front panel LCD and NMS (network management software). Its high-integrated and cost-effective design makes it widely used in varieties of digital distribution systems such as cable TV digital head-end, satellite digital TV broadcasting and terrestrial digital TV, etc.
1.Integrated encoder and modulator
2.4*HDMI input
3.DVB-T RF out
4.RF Range: 36-900Mhz
5.Keyboard+LCD control and network management
Technical Specification
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