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SC-3105 IP->ASI MUX Scrambler(64*IP in,4*ASI out)
SC-3105 IP-to-ASI MUX-Scrambler is a cost effective and high-integrated IP multiplexer and scrambler, supporting 64*IP input and 4*ASI output. The input IP signal will be sent to signal processor a...
SC-4154 4in1 IP MUX-Scrambler& QAM Modulator (32 IP in,4 ...
SC-4154 4IN1 IP QAM Modulator with MUX-Scrambler supports 32*IP input and 4*RF output. The input IP signal can be sent to signal processor and be converted to TS (transport stream). It integrates m...
SC-4111 Multiplexer&QAM modulator (2 ASI IN,RF out)
SC-4111 multiplexer QAM modulator has 2*ASI input and can receive data of DVB transport stream from encoder, multiplexer, DVB gateway, scrambler, video server and other DVB equipment, and then make...
SC-2102 2-OUT Multiplexer(8 ASI IN,2-separate ASI OUT)
SC-2102 multiplexer is a 2-separate ASI out TS (transport stream) remultiplexer for digital broadcasting TV system. It has 8*ASI input (input bit rate can reach up to 270Mbps), 2 pairs of ASI (A&B)...
SC-2101 TS Multiplexer(8 ASI IN and ASI OUT)
SC-2101 Multiplexer is an ASI/TS (transport stream) re-multiplexer, supporting 8*ASI input (input TS bit rate can reach up to 270Mbps), and ASI output (TS bit rate can reach up to 160Mbps). It can ...
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